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Cameron Fairchild is President of Fairchild Communications Training.

Cameron worked for years as a newsman, in every position from reporter and editor to News Director and Managing Editor, including duties at CBS all-news radio affiliate KRLD in Dallas, Texas, and at CBS (now Fox) news affiliate KDFW television. His work included coverage of Presidential elections, the Gulf War, the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

For the past several years Cameron has done media training and crisis consulting for Fairchild/LeMaster/Oppel, and for Publicis Dialog, a division of the Publicis international public relations and advertising company. He prepared clients for appearances on news programs including 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline and Primetime Live.

Suzanne Calvin remains one of the most recognized and authoritative women journalists in North Texas Broadcasting. In a quarter-century as reporter, producer, news anchor and news director, Suzanne's emphasis on understanding context, intelligent analysis of the issues, and keeping a cool-head-under-fire has kept listeners informed of far more than just headlines.

Beyond the rigors of day-to-day reporting and anchoring, Suzanne was the first journalist to break the story of unprotected nuclear wastes stored off-shore near the Texas coast, anchored KRLD's coverage of the infamous Dallas Cowboys Parade Riots, and co-anchored the fiery end of the Branch Davidians -- carried live throughout North America on the CBS radio networks.

This winner/co-winner of multiple state and regional awards from The Dallas Press club is also an accomplished speechwriter and honored playwright, with equity productions from Houston to Los Angeles. Additionally, Suzanne serves as the midday voice of WRR-Classical 101 radio and the Dallas Opera.

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